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3D printing - Greek vase shapes

You've probably heard about 3D printing in the news.

It is an interesting technology, though still in my opinion more expensive than it would be for mass-produced items. However, it allows anyone to rapidly design (and, via various online services, also to offer for sale) any item that one can think of (and be able to design using a 3D program).

In general, anything that can be offered through a print-on-demand system I find interesting, since one does not need to produce a lot of items and keep stock in advance. That, in a way, is also a drawback, since the items tend to be more expensive (no mass-producing) and people usually have to go online to check for the products.

In any case, here are my first 3D designs I uploaded to an online service (Shapeways). They are based on the Greek vase shapes for holding, mixing and/or drinking wine.
This is a Dinos Vase (used for wine mixing)

This is a Krater (Bell shaped) Vase (used for wine mixing)

This is a Krater (Column shaped) Vase (used for wine mixing)

This is a Krater (Calyx shaped) Vase (used for wine mixing)

This is a Psykter (used to cool wine) - without side openings

This is a Psykter (used to cool wine) - with side openings

This is a Skyphos vase (version A) - a wine cup

This is a Skyphos vase (version B) - a wine cup

This is a Skyphos vase (version C) - a wine cup

Melting Colors - free ebook update


Since the first edition in 2013, my free ebook "Melting Colors" has been updated periodically.

In addition to poems selected from my other books, a 'Thoughts' chapter was added in May 2013 (and updated in successive versions). With the latest update I added a new chapter: "Short poems" that, for the moment, contains haiku poems (but may contain other short poems in the future).

To get the book go here (available for free in various formats, such as epub, pdf, kindle, txt, rtf, etc):


All rights reserved.
Although this ebook is free that doesn't mean that it is public domain. 
You can, therefore download this ebook, send it to somebody else with email, or print it for personal use as long as you acknowledge:
a) the moral rights of the author, that is: you can not change this ebook or claim it or some of its poems, or other text as your own or as those of somebody else, or put poems or other text on blogs, Facebook and the like without the name of the author and the title of the book
b) the economic rights of the author, that is: you can not sell this book (or individual poems, or other text) for profit, either by printing it or by putting it in a site that requires payment for this ebook's download. Printing is allowed only for personal/family reasons (i.e. on your home printer) in a few copies (2-3 copies).

The preferred method if you would like to recommend this book to other people is to give them the Smashwords link and let them download it themselves. Otherwise, just send the ebook by email.

Thank you for your understanding!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Τα Ορατά Αόρατα - The Visual Non Visuals (Greek Edition)

Το πρώτο μου βιβλίο είναι τώρα διαθέσιμο και στην ελληνική γλώσσα.

My first book (The Visual Non Visuals) is now also available in the Greek language.

Libri im i parë (Vizualet jo Vizuale) është tashmë i disponueshëm dhe në gjuhën greke.


Amazon (print edition)

Poezi Moderne - libri im i trete

Libri im i tretë me poezi titullohet "Poezi Moderne".

Është i ngjashëm në përmbajtje me librin tim të parë "Vizualet jo Vizuale", që do të thotë se nuk përmban vetëm poezi romantike si libri im i dytë "Iluzione Pasagjere" por është më i gjerë (poezi filozofike, për natyrën, për jetën, politike, etj). Është gjithashtu më i madh se librat e tjerë (më shumë poezi, më shumë faqe).

Mund ta gjeni në adresat e zakonshme të Amazon (,,,,, për versionin e printuar. Gjithashtu libri është i disponueshëm në version elektronik (ebook) për Amazon Kindle (vetëm në anglisht).

Uroj t'ju pëlqejë!


Lidhje direkte për në

"Poezi Moderne (versioni i printuar - shqip)"
"Modern Poetry - Kindle edition (anglisht)"

Modern Poetry - my third book


"Modern Poetry" is my third poetry collection.

It is similar in content to my first book: "The Visual Non Visuals", meaning that it does not only contain romantic poems like my second book "Passenger Illusions", but is more broad. It is also larger (more poems, more pages).

Check the usual Amazon sites (,,,,, for the print edition. It is also available for Amazon Kindle (ebook edition on Amazon).



Direct links to

"Modern Poetry - print edition"
"Modern Poetry - Kindle edition"