Monday, January 28, 2013

Poetry and time


In a sense, this is a continuation of a previous post where I discussed poetry and its relationship to prose, story, art, abstraction and philosophy. There's a few more things I've noticed lately, particularly related to 'time'.

Poetry and DeviantArt

I am a member of DeviantArt (a large Internet artist community). Although I don't consider myself a frequent poster there, I do post some things. Up till now I used to post images (photography/drawings), but lately I decided to post some poems as well. That's when I started to notice something.

Let me expand a little on technicalities first. On DeviantArt you can join a group (and put your work in the group, after following each group rules). Now, when you join, usually automatically you also start 'watching' the group. 'Watching' means that if you were not logged-in you can see the works posted in the group at a later time (those that you have 'missed' by not being logged-in). Since I was mainly in image groups (and 'watching' them), and watching individuals who usually posted images, I did not experience what 'watching' poetry was like. Well, now I know, and hence this post.

Poetry and time

Let's continue with DeviantArt. Now, when I look at others' work I have the option of 'faving' (i.e. 'liking') that particular artwork. Often there's a lot of artwork (considering the frequency of posting, in a few days the number of images may be in the range of more than 100, and there's not only one group I'm 'watching'). However, with images it's easy to filter, what to like, and what to let go. It takes just a moment (maybe one second, or even less?). With poetry?... Much, much more (comparingly).

Maybe I'm not a fast reader, maybe this is rather new for me in the context of looking at a lot of writing, but I guess it's more generic than that. I think that reading (in general, not only for poetry) takes a much longer time to process. Therefore I'm guessing that images are much, much easier comparingly.

But there is a contradiction. As I said in the previous post, it looks to me that longer literary works (mostly in prose) have more 'fame'. And longer also means longer time (to read). Specifically poetry seems to be in a double time-problem, on one hand the 'accessibility' time (compared to images) and on the other hand the 'entertaining' time (compared to longer prose works).

The solution

Well, I don't really know. It may be that poetry should 'grab' the attention of the reader almost immediately (in the first few lines), it may be that it's just me being rather slow in this aspect (since it's not like there's no readership at all - but I should also say that I've done no research as to statistics of faves of poetry or writing in general compared to images), it may be that a poet should start doing 'haiga', or even something else I'm not aware right now.

In general, I think that imagery helps (that was also a possible conclusion of the previous post). It could be an image (painting), theatrical work, film or animation. By this, I don't mean that one should do only 'haiga', drama works, film scenarios and animation storyboards and just because the work is 'poetic' in style call that poetry. No, I simply mean that poetry could be adapted to all the above so that is in a way more easily accessible to the reader.


I think this is general, reading takes more time compared to images. One can look at several images (drawings, paintings, illustrations, doesn't matter much) and have an idea almost immediately of liking or not. With reading it takes much more time. Considering the volume of work available, reading in general is in a more disadvantageous position, only because of the time spent analyzing.

Imagery based on poetry could help, but I still wonder if that will be enough to an unknown writer, especially for poetry, when one has to consider all the other problems I mentioned in my previous post here. By this I mean that imagery in a commercial setting will be done only for famous works, and it is in fact done already, and we call them 'movies' and 'animation', but mainly for prose. So, it's up to the poet to do this extra marketing for himself (or herself), whether by also wearing the hat of an illustrator/designer, or seek the help of one, and post that to a image/video-sharing site.

And let's not forget, even though imagery could help, one will then have to compete with all the other visual works...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Iluzione Pasagjere - Poezi te zgjedhura romantike

Nga pjesa e parë:

-- Sy muzikorë shumëngjyrësh --

U thashë syve muzikorë
Por ato panë nga një tjetër anë
Dhe unë nuk dëgjova muzikën e tyre

Në këtë turmë të vogël ritmesh
Notat luajnë në sy shumëngjyrësh
Duke shkuar kudo ku u intereson
Por unë nuk i pashë ngjyrat e tyre

Sytë e mi panë përmes interesash me ngjyra
Të njëjtat gjëra si çdo njeri -
"Mirëmëngjes" më tha mua muzika
Dhe unë e pashë me sy shumëngjyrësh

Nga pjesa e dytë:

-- Si luledielli --

Nëse do prisje petalet e lulediellit
Që ke vënë mbi tavolinën e zyrës tënde
A thua distanca që do formonin
Do ishte sa distanca e pak metrave
Midis nesh kur dalim nga stacioni
Apo sa distanca midis vagonave të trenit
(ne s'hyjmë asnjëherë në të njëjtin vagon)
Apo sa distanca midis zyrave tona?

Kur jashtë ka re dhe bie shi
Flokët e tua ngjyrë dielli
A e bëjnë lulediellin
Të kthehet nga ana jote?

* * *

Kam dëgjuar të thonë
Se distanca midis dy njerëzve
Para se të bëhen miq
Është thjesht një përshëndetje

Por në këtë rast, pyes veten
Nëse unë do hidhja petale
Në distancën e zero fjalëve
Në distancën e vagonave
Në distancën midis zyrave
Në distancën midis nesh
A do ktheheshe nga unë
Si luledielli?

Nga pjesa e tretë:

-- I dhashë dorën --

I dhashë dorën një doreze të hekurt
    në një derë të vjetër
por ajo ishte e ftohtë

I dhashë dorën një mënge të ngrohtë
    bluzeje të leshtë
    që varej në tel
por ajo ishte bosh

I dhashë dorën një byzylyku
    në vitrinën e një dyqani
por më kërkoi lekë të paguaja për të

I dhashë dorën një dorashke
I dhashë dorën një doreze sirtari
    por përgjigjet nuk ishin më ndryshe

Të fola për përpjekjet e mia
    dhe të kërkova thjesht
të më jepje dorën...


Meqë Shën Valentini është afër...
Poezi të zgjedhura nga Iluzione Pasagjere
Shpresoj t'ju pëlqejnë!

Passenger Illusions - selected romantic poems

From the first part:

-- Colorful musical eyes --

"Good morning"
I said to the musical eyes
But they looked towards some other place
And I didn't hear their music

In this little crowded place of rhythms
Notes play in colored eyes
Going wherever their interest is
But I didn't see their color

My eyes looked through colored interests
The same things as everybody -
"Good morning" the music said to me
And I looked at it with colored eyes

From the second part:

-- As the sunflower --

If you'd cut the petals of the sunflower
That you have put on the table in your office
Would the distance that they would form
Be as much as the distance of a few meters
Between us, when we get out of the station
Or as much as the distance between the train cars
(we never enter into the same one)
Or as much as the distance between our offices?

When outside it's cloudy and it's raining
Do your sun-colored hair
Make the sunflower
Turn towards you?

     * * *

I've heard them say
That the distance between two people
Before becoming friends
Is just a simple greeting

But, in this case, I wonder
If I would drop petals
In the distance of zero words
In the distance between the train cars
In the distance between the offices
In the distance between us
Would you turn towards me
As the sunflower?

From the third part:

-- I gave my hand --

I gave my hand to an iron handle
    of an old door
but that was cold

I gave my hand to a warm sleeve
    of a blouse made of wool
    hanging on a wire
but that was empty

I gave my hand to a bracelet
    in the vitrine of a shop
but it asked for money to pay for it

I gave my hand to a glove
I gave my hand to a drawer
    but the answers weren't any different
I talked to you about my struggle
    and asked of you simply
to give me your hand...


Well, since St. Valentine's is coming...
Selected from Passenger Illusions
In any case, enjoy!