Friday, August 31, 2012

Sample poems from my book: The visual non visuals

Here are two sample poems from my book: The visual non visuals.

The first poem has the same name as the book.
It's also at the back cover.

The second is on page 33 of the book.

You can see the table of contents and some extra pages in the book pages. links:

-- The poems --

"The Visual Non-Visuals"

I will close my eyes to see the non-visuals
And hide with open eyes to confuse those who can see
I will write with paper on a piece of ink
Which the rain will take and write into the clouds

I will close the clouds into another window
I will open the window on another cloud
See the sky through it, let the sun shine through
Close the eyes to the visuals, but not the visuals to eyes


"Dust took the luggage and left"

In environments between feathers
Dust sleeps for many years
On a silent piano wire
Other dust - a silent party

Music will be heard once more
Colors will be seen again
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The whole building will be razed

            -- --
On a new square
Dust wanders in noontime -
The piano wires melted
And became a sculpture of music notes

In environments between leaves
The stones sleep for many years -
Other stones, somewhere nearby
Engrave the story of the square


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