Sunday, August 26, 2012



This is my official blog.

Initially intended to promote my first book, "The Visual Non Visuals", it might also be an opportunity to display and write about other things I'm interested in (such as the visual arts and photography). I'm still not sure if I'll write often here (I usually write poems ^_^, and in general I consider myself not of the talkative type), but who knows, time will show.

Meanwhile, my first book is in the print review stage.
It is a self-published book, published on the CreateSpace platform (an subcompany).
Hopefully it will pass the print review stage soon and within 1-2 weeks it will become available online through,, and the European Amazon sites (,,, I'm thinking of making it available as a Kindle book as well, but I've not made a decision on this issue yet.

The book is being published in parallel, in both Albanian and English.
It's a 68-page illustrated poetry book including 60 poems and 12 black and white illustrations.
(the illustrations are based on my own minimalistic/abstract sketches - including the front and back color covers).

I hope that the reader will enjoy this book.
I will post as soon as the book is available.

Thank you for reading!


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