Saturday, January 19, 2013

Passenger Illusions - selected romantic poems

From the first part:

-- Colorful musical eyes --

"Good morning"
I said to the musical eyes
But they looked towards some other place
And I didn't hear their music

In this little crowded place of rhythms
Notes play in colored eyes
Going wherever their interest is
But I didn't see their color

My eyes looked through colored interests
The same things as everybody -
"Good morning" the music said to me
And I looked at it with colored eyes

From the second part:

-- As the sunflower --

If you'd cut the petals of the sunflower
That you have put on the table in your office
Would the distance that they would form
Be as much as the distance of a few meters
Between us, when we get out of the station
Or as much as the distance between the train cars
(we never enter into the same one)
Or as much as the distance between our offices?

When outside it's cloudy and it's raining
Do your sun-colored hair
Make the sunflower
Turn towards you?

     * * *

I've heard them say
That the distance between two people
Before becoming friends
Is just a simple greeting

But, in this case, I wonder
If I would drop petals
In the distance of zero words
In the distance between the train cars
In the distance between the offices
In the distance between us
Would you turn towards me
As the sunflower?

From the third part:

-- I gave my hand --

I gave my hand to an iron handle
    of an old door
but that was cold

I gave my hand to a warm sleeve
    of a blouse made of wool
    hanging on a wire
but that was empty

I gave my hand to a bracelet
    in the vitrine of a shop
but it asked for money to pay for it

I gave my hand to a glove
I gave my hand to a drawer
    but the answers weren't any different
I talked to you about my struggle
    and asked of you simply
to give me your hand...


Well, since St. Valentine's is coming...
Selected from Passenger Illusions
In any case, enjoy!

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