Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New poems - Unemployed Week - Modern Poetry - Melting Colors update

I have added the following two poems to my free ebook on Smashwords. Its title is "Melting Colors". A new chapter, "Thoughts" has also been added. You can get this book in several formats here:


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"Unemployed Week"

On Monday morning
    I laugh at the world
On Monday evening
    I laugh at myself
On Tuesday
    I just do the reverse
On Wednesday
    I ponder on the sense of it all
On Thursday
    I cry...

But on Friday
    I take pleasure
    in all the little things

On Saturday
    I rest
    and drink from the water of life

Then finally, on Sunday
    ...I work!

"Modern Poetry"

Is this then what
they call modern
poetry - broken
lines continuing
thoughts left (somewhere)

hanging the future
balances of yet unseen
stanzas that start
tying disconnections -
untying connections

found perhaps in
moody (obscure)
details one is
supposed to know

these rather famous
people - Muji and
drinking milk! -
watching the latest

superhero movie
growing each second
stronger and stronger
themselves - "Zana
makes you strong"

you know it -
it is not even
time at 13:37

or the road
"Kreshnik 1"
unlabeled dust
flying and playing

as stories I guess
native in content
foreign in meaning
vice-versa in depth
surfacing again

bubbles of styles
in meter with time
playing with rhyme
that one can design
and later combine

with deeper thoughts
of eastern winds:
"Who can ever find
The center of east and west
Ain't it everywhere?"

like here
yes there
no maybe

there is no such
place of
doors opened
with keys of wind
is there

enough of this
past, present
I guess

the old is "ancient"
what once was
that so will be
in future times

when one may look
the same and different
and change
all of it - or nothing
and call it "modern"

But I believe
that one can write
not bound by time
not bound by space
or anything

Yet there are bounds
of those that read
in time and space
and everything
till they find keys

Of timeless dust
Of timeless wind
For doors and places
That one has built
He hopes with care

But then who knows
If there are treasures
Or empty spaces
Of fragrance feelings
Or dancing thoughts

But I build keys
Of wind, of dust
Of paper, ink
Of electrons
Till they can open

A door, a place
A mind, a heart
And feel the fragrance
Of thoughtful feelings
Of timeless things

And call them "modern"
Or call them "ancient"
I do not care -
About material
Or about form

Or ornament
And period style -
As they are keys
I'll call them keys
And only keys

And look for doors
For places, minds
For hearts and fragrances -
And match the feelings
Of timeless things -


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