Sunday, February 12, 2017

Isn't it Absurd - The game

A group of people decided to create and play an original variant of soccer (football). They were free to change or modify any rule that they liked, but once they made the final decision, they would abide by the rules.

So, they modified the rules a bit, but kept most of the original ones in place (including that of not touching the ball with their hands, except by the goalkeepers).

Now, while playing, to the surprise of everyone else, one of the men got the ball in his hands and proceeded to play as if nothing had happened.

"What are you doing?!", the rest asked him.

"Well, weren't we free to do anything we liked, create and modify any rule we wanted?", the man replied.

The rest tried to change his mind, and to remind him that the rules were binding, but he insisted playing and modifying the rules on the go, as he saw fit.

"Isn't it absurd?", the Master asked.


Mini stories from "Isn't it Absurd" collection.
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