Sunday, January 29, 2017

Isn't it Absurd - The law

"A tax collector went to the beggar in the street and said to him: Tell me how much money did you make today and who paid you. I need to tax your money."

"Isn't it absurd?", the Master asked.

- - -

"Here", said the beggar to the rich man, "have some of my money..."

"You think that absurd? - what would you say then if the rich man eventually took the money?"

- - -

"A man had planned to open a business, wanting to start small. Eventually he found that he needed to pay much more that he would be potentially getting in five or ten years just to start his business and that he would be losing money every month to pay for insurance"

"He didn't start his business."

"Meanwhile, politicians and people were complaining about the increased unemployment."

"Isn't it absurd?", the Master asked.

- - -

A man spoke to another man:

"I will show you how in a democratic country the minority rules, one person over three others"

"How come?", replied the other.

"Well", continued the first, "in a recent election 40% did not vote and one party won with 40% of the vote, gaining enough votes to pass any law in the parliament. Thus they only won with the 40% of the 60%, that is, 25% or one in four."

"Hmm...", the second replied, pausing a bit, "but those who did not vote should have expected this. It's their own fault since they did not bother to go to vote."

"What if nobody represented them?", replied the first.

"They should have formed their own party", replied the other.

"Could be..", the first replied, "but that still does not change the fact".

"I can't understand you", the second said, bothered by the first still insisting on this issue, "What do you suggest, then?"

"Well, why don't they take random people who do not support any of the parties in the parliament, and let them vote as they please, rotating them every year?"

"That can't happen", the second replied, "It would be undemocratic! How and who can decide what men and women to choose? They would be not be elected by the free vote of the people!"

"That you can not solve this problem does not change the fact", the first replied.

Then the second man, seeing that the first was rather stupidly insisting on his first statement, without seemingly understanding how the system works, decided to leave him in peace and not bother with him anymore.

"Isn't it absurd?", the Master asked.

- - -

"Two brothers had a dispute and, instead of going to their father who was a wise judge, they presented their case to their common enemy."

"Isn't it absurd?", the Master asked.

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