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Isn't it Absurd - The River

-Isn't it absurd-
by Vanca - Vangjel Canga -

"The river flowed, wide and bountiful, its waters pure. Yet people did not go and take of its waters, though free. They preferred to pay for unclean water that even made them sick."

"Isn't it absurd?", the Master asked.

- - -

"The river flowed, wide and bountiful, its waters pure. Some went to the river with an empty bottle, its cap on. They tried and they tried but could not get any water. Some of them even thought the river was an illusion."

"Isn't it absurd?", the Master asked.

- - -

A certain village was organizing their yearly 'River Festival' and most of the people had gone to the feast near the old mill.

When the bridge had been built the river was larger and wider, but now, all that had remained of it was a small stream, and very dirty at that. This did not stop people from participating in the feast, though.

One of the men arose in the midst of the others and said:

"Hey, what are we doing here? The river was large and wide and pure, but now, all we've got is this little dirty stream. Certainly it has been blocked somewhere and deviated, either from branches, or from man's activity. Let's go and check, and let the river bless our village again!"

In fact, when the river was larger, the village mill drew power from the water, but now, they had to grind flour in a far away place, which was much expensive. Also, the water was clean, but now they had to get water from another distant place, which was again very expensive, and not as good.

Despite this, the people at the festival, starting with the elders, told the man:

"What are you saying? Why are you disrupting our festival? Why are you being disrespectful to the river?"

The man tried to change their mind, but they would not listen. They even threatened him with expulsion from their village.

So, the man decided to go and investigate for himself.

On traveling through another village upstream he saw some people drawing water with buckets from the same, but somewhat larger, dirty stream that was was in the place of the big river bed, and putting it in a small channel.

"What are you doing?", he asked them.

"We are taking water from the stream and putting it in the river", they replied.

"The river?! Where is the river?!", the man asked surprised.

"Here, this is the river", the men replied, and showed him the small channel.

They had in fact become so confused, that their watering channel had become their 'river'.

He left them, and, traveling through other villages, also realized that even that small stream had become polluted from the activities of men.

He continued his journey, went further up, until he saw a lake. Immediately he understood that this was the river, that it had been blocked from branches, and had been deviated by men's activities and various building projects.

Happy, he returned to his village, but nobody believed him.

Despite this, the man was not discouraged, but said to them:

"Let's go up the mountain, where the water is cleaner"

"Are you serious?", the others replied, "Do you want to take us out of civilization and live as barbarians?"

They threatened him again, but he did not care. He decided to wait for a while, and, if the river was not restored, go and live upstream.

The whole village thought that he was an idiot.

"Isn't it absurd?", the Master asked.

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